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About Us

Sparkler Ceramics registered in 1990 as a Pvt. Ltd. Company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956. Started its Commercial Production in 1994; Sparkler Ceramics Pvt. Ltd. is now the largest manufacturer of piezoelectric elements in South Asia. The company is a member of the Electronics and Software Export Promotion Council; India..The Company supplies its products worldwide. Manufacturing activity is focused on Lead Zirconate Titanate (PZT) and Lead Titanate (PT) based piezoelectric elements and devices. The current range of production comprises of 5 grades of PZTs namely SP-5A, SP-5J, SP-5H, SP-4 and SP-8 which confirm broadly to US DOD MIL STD 1376. Sixth grade is SP-2 material, which is a modified form of Lead Titanate.Special grades of material for specific applications are also manufactured.

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Key Products Manufactured

Lead Zirconate Titanate,PZT and Lead Titanate, PT based Piezoceramic Rings,Disks,Tubes,Cylinders,Plates,Patches, Hemispheres,Ultrasonic Cleaning Langevin transducers and customs probes/devices.


Quality Policy

Sparkler’s five grades of piezoelectric materials based on PZT meet the specifications of US DOD MIL STD 1376. The company has in place a quality system, which assures the consistent quality of the end product. Sparkler carries out 100% inspection of all the end product to the agreed specifications. Also, the company can manufacture products to the customer specifications. Sparkler Quality Management Systems are Certified to IS0 9001:2008 standards. For ISO Certificate .

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